eQSuite® Requirements

eQSuite® creates efficiencies by providing intelligent tools that speed and simplify the utilization review process with a unique web-based system that integrates all utilization review processes onto a single, secure platform.  It provides a workspace designed specifically to facilitate smooth and compliant reviews by connecting authorized providers with relevant, real-time information accessible 24/7 through the Internet.

Please download the following documents for minimum IT requirements to optimize your PAR experience:

Minimum IT Requirements and Recommendations for eQSuite®

If you are the System Administrator assigned to create user names and passwords for your team, please refer to the guide below for your role and instructions:

eQSuite® System Administrator Guide

New to eQSuite®

Do you submit prior authorizations online?
The New to eQSuite® User Guide is a good resource that will assist you through the PAR process.   

Welcome to eQSuite®

Please also review our Provider Guide for step-by-step instructions for submitting a PAR in eQSuite.

How to Submit a PAR in eQSuite®

How to Cancel a Review in eQSuite®

Review Types in eQSuite®

eQSuite® Review Type Definitions

Submitting Supporting Documentation
All Prior Authorization Requests (PARs) should include documentation to support the medical necessity of your request.

Submitting Supporting Documentation

EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment)

EPSDT User Guide